Welcome to Al Murr Book Repair

July 14th, 2010

Al Murr Book Repair  specializes in the repair and conservation of books. We also perform Mylar encapsulation for historic papers and documents.  We focus on maintaining an authentic and original presentation as much as possible, while ensuring you have a functional piece of history.  In short, we strive to make our repairs as inconspicuous as possible.  Check out our photos for some before and after examples.

Al Murr brings over 40 years of hand-craftsmanship experience to every project.

We are located in the Northern Virginia Tri-State area, but routinely do business with dealers and private people nationwide.  Ship your books to us for a comprehensive estimate and pay only the shipping.

Call for a free estimate or to discuss your project.(540) 888-3940.

9AM – 4 PM Eastern Time